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Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us

Our company has a rich history rooted in Marina and Reservoir engineering. We've consistently demonstrated expertise in a range of crucial activities, including silt curtain installation, dredging works, soil investigation at reservoir sites, and shoreline protection / revetment works.

As our portfolio expanded, we embraced the challenge of dredging works with a commitment to both efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our team's expertise in surveying and precision dredging techniques has allowed us to optimize reservoir depths while minimizing ecological impact.

Revetment works are another area where we've made significant contributions, safeguarding reservoir banks against erosion and preserving critical infrastructure. Our tailored solutions, tailored to each site's unique challenges, have earned us a reputation for reliability and excellence in reservoir engineering.

Soil investigation and silt curtain installation works has become our specialise expertise with comprehensive assessments informing every aspect of our engineering projects. By leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies, we've provided invaluable insights into reservoir bed composition and stability, ensuring the success and longevity of our initiatives.

Throughout our journey, we've remained dedicated to staying at the forefront of reservoir engineering practices, continually adapting to new technologies and evolving environmental standards. By prioritizing sustainability and innovation, we've not only built a legacy of success but also forged lasting partnerships with clients who share our commitment to responsible water management.


To pioneer innovative, sustainable marine solutions, setting industry benchmarks, and consistently surpassing client expectations on a global scale.


We are committed to delivering excellence in vessel ownership, marine dredging, crew management, and ship agency services, advancing industry excellence.

Company Philosophy



We uphold unwavering commitment to quality, setting the highest standards in every aspect of our services to ensure client satisfaction.



Our dedication to impeccable workmanship drives us to deliver precise and efficient solutions that stand the test of time.



Safety is our paramount concern. We prioritize the well-being of our team, clients, and the environment, adhering to rigorous safety protocols.

Our Specialty

Dredging Works and Scouring Protection Works

Dredging Works and Scouring Protection Works

Celebrating our marine expertise, dredging and scouring protection stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. Employing precise sediment removal and advanced erosion prevention techniques, we safeguard waterway integrity and uphold environmental sustainability.

<br>Installation of Floating Buoy Safety Barrier / Silt Curtain

Installation of Floating Buoy Safety Barrier / Silt Curtain

Shore revetment, an evidence to our coastal expertise, involves the skillful application of advanced engineering, sustainable strategies, and durable materials. We protect coastlines from erosion, preserving ecological harmony, and enhancing community resilience to dynamic coastal challenges.





Dredging works/De-silting works at Brunei, Singapore various location (PUB/ Johor Port Authority)


Siloso Beach nourishment works (Sentosa Development Corporation)


New jetty Pontoon Installation (Johor Port Authority)


Porposed Improvement works to Revetment and Promenade (Sentosa Development Corporation)


Floating Solar PV project at Bedok & Lower Seletar Reservoir (PUB)


Construction of fencelines, roads, perimeter security system and ancillary works (DSTA)


Proposed Development of Jurong Lake Gardens Central and East (Npark)


Erection of 3 nos conveyor and 6 nos mobile hopper includes test and commissioning (Jurong Port)


Reinstatement works for soil dislodge at Clementi Sungei Ulu Pandan (PUB/HDB/Npark)

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